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Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboards

All Garbage. They Are ALL Garbage!

Ok. Spend 9 hours on this now. I think that's enough keyboard geeking today. None of these keyboards i can use. They all have multitudes of serious flaws:

  1. Function keys not as real keys (but lousy buttons without tactile feedback on whether the key is registered; and hard to press repeatedly (e.g. Sound Level Increase key))
  2. Function keys in one beatific continuous row. This makes them useless without looking.
  3. Multimedia keys and app launcher and other buttons merged into the F keys. This means, you have to press 2 keys, usually requiring both hands, with the Fn.
  4. The keyboard is non-split. PAIN follows your typing eloquence or verbosity.
  5. Flat shallow keys. Shallowness is not my style. I prefer depth and solidity.
  6. I don't want a damn Fn on the bottom right. I want the ▤ Menu key and or ❖ Window key. Because, i can remap them to Super or Hyper for Emacs for many purposes. [see Emacs Keys: Super Hyper] Fn key is usually hardwired and hardware-specific. That means a dead-horse squatting in the front seat.

For keyboards that i deem useful for programers or heavy typers, see: Best Ergonomic Keyboards, Xah Pick .

🛑 WARNING: Wireless Hack

When i look at computer keyboards, saliva drools from the corner of my mouth. I don't need another keyboard, i already have plenty. But, i look at them, look for them, stare at them for hours, every week. I:

• Compare their sizes, the keys on them.

• How they label their keys? Do they say “Page Up” or “PgUp”, “Enter” or “Return”? Do they use graphics symbol like or or for Shift key? or or for return/enter? What graphics symbol they use for Zoom In, Zoom Out, Mute, Web, Search? [see Keyboard Enter/Return Key Symbol]

• The key's positions, arrangement. Are the arrow keys in inverted T? In one row? In a cross? How's Home/End key cluster shaped? 2×3 or 3×2? [see Keyboard Home/End Keys Arrangement]

• What are special buttons and knobs they offer. Sound level controller as slider? As rotary knob? disc shaped? Touch sensitive bar? Zoom as seesaw rocker? [see Keyboard Evolution: Zoom Button, Dedicated Keys]

What is their functions, the style of the keys, their height, tactile sensations, the differences between them, their ergonomic implications, the implications for Emacs use …. [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

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