Programable Keypads

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This page lists the best programble keypads.

Why You Need a Programable Keypad?

Here's a sample setup to increase your productivity.

You can also set up keys for shortcut intensive apps, such as Second Life, Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Blender, emacs.

For general purpose and not expensive, the koolertron is the best. Only flaw is require Microsoft Windows to program the keys.

smartyao keypad l8hmm-s294x213
koolertron Keyboard

This is a no-nonsense work horse. Buy one, you get a super keypad, buy 2, you have a split ergo keyboard.

If you want fancy display, get Elgato.

Elgato Stream Deck keypad 46802-s250
Elgato Stream Deck keypad

If you want the most powerful programability, software works in {Windows, Mac, Linux} , most easy to use software, and 63 programable keys, get Ultimate Hacking Keyboard.

xah uhk keypad 2020-08-23 nH2tb
2020-08-23 current status of my Ultimate Hacking Keyboard as programable keypad

This is for Do It Yourself people.

butter stick dxz2x-s291x215
Butter Stick

sturdy build, but the software is stuck to Windows 95 era.

Genovation Controlpad CP24 Keypad-s250
Genovation Programable Keypad

max keyboard falcon 20 keypad 07243-s274x228
Max Keyboard Falcon-20 Programmable Keypad

The x-keys are overly expensive.

XK-24 USB programmable keypad 71426-s250x250
X-keys Programmable Keypads

Loupedeck Creative Tool Editing Console 2020-09-14 V6h67-s250
Loupedeck Photo Editing Console

i don't trust the Loupedeck.

if you don't mind requiring internet to use your keypad, then consider razer.

razer orbweaver keypad 88995
Razer Orbweaver

Power of Keypad

#DESKWATCH 04 村上ゆいちさんの左手デバイス捌き! - pixivision
Aug 15, 2016
the left keypad is Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

Programable Keypads

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