Programable Keypad

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This page lists the best programble keypads.

Ultimate Hacking Keyboard

If you want the most powerful programability, software works in {Windows, Mac, Linux} , most easy to use software, and 63 programable keys, get Ultimate Hacking Keyboard.


For general purpose and not expensive, the koolertron is the best. Only flaw is require Microsoft Windows or macOS to program the keys.

HUION Keydial

HUION keydial K100 2023 DH8x
HUION Keydial. Programmable Keypad Buy at amazon


If you want display on the keys.


Sturdy build, but the software is stuck to Windows 95 era. And Cherry MX Switches black, require heavy key press (60g). Otherwise, classic best.

Max Keyboard Falcon-20


The x-keys are overly expensive.

Power of Keypad

#DESKWATCH 04 村上ゆいちさんの左手デバイス捌き! - pixivision
Aug 15, 2016
the left keypad is Razer Nostromo Gaming Keypad

Infinitton Programable Keypad

This came out in 2018-04.

infinitton programable keypad 29769
Infinitton Programable Keypad Buy at amazon

Full color LCD display for each key. 1 year warranty few amazon reviews yet, but so far pretty good comments.

Programable Keypad