Typewriters is the father of computer keyboards. Here's list of some interesting typewriters.

the hammond 1 typewriter 78396-s217x289
Hammond 1, 1884
royal bar-lock typewriter no4 78843-s217x289
Royal Bar-Lock, 1890
smith premier typewriter no1 51111-s217x289
Smith Premier, 1890
caligraph typewriter no3 23663-s229x273
Caligraph №3, 1891
Cahill Universal Electric no2 typewriter 85524-s289x217
Cahill Electric, 1897
Katakana Kanji Remington 9 typewriter 1906 36028-s289x217
Japan Remington No 9, 1906
rheinmetall typewriter 44866-s307x204
Rheinmetall Portable Ergonomic, 1935
smith corona ultrasonic plus-s1386x1039-s289x216
Smith-Corona Ultrasonic I Plus, 1983

Typewriter Spacebar History

Chinese Typewriter History

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