Scythe Ergo Diver Keyboard

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Things get funky.

The Scythe keyboard is around since at least 2003, but seems no longer in production.

scythe ergo diver keyboard boxed
“Scythe Ergo Diver keyboard”

Very interesting new design. Notice that the keys for the right hand is vertically aligned, but the left side is somewhat staggered alignment. The keyboard is not symmetric. The Shift key have different positions on each side. It doesn't have a Ctrl on the right side.

scythe ergo diver keyboard right
Scythe Ergo Diver keyboard, right side
scythe ergo diver keyboard left
Scythe Ergo Diver keyboard, left side

I'm not sure this is a good ergonomic keyboard, but i'm absolutely sure it is better than conventional flat keyboards .

Interestingly, if you look at the box, it bills itself as a “ergonomic FPS (first person shooter)” and “MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role playing game)” gaming keyboard. I think it's a bit crazy marketing. The most important feature of a gaming keyboard is many extra programable keys. This one has none, nor any other features of gaming keyboards such as LCD display, glowing keys, high-tech appearance.

scythe ergo diver keyboard
Scythe Ergo Diver keyboard

Here is a review: [Scythe Co.'s Ergo Diver Keyboard By Matt and Brian. At]

2011-11-24 Thanks to fangzhzh for showing me the Scythe keyboard.