Kinesis Model 100 (1992)

By Xah Lee. Date: .

Kinesis model 100, 1992

History of Kinesis keyboards.

First model, Kinesis model 100, came out in 1992.

kinesis model 100 5MXy2
kinesis model 100 5MXy2 ใ€”image sourceใ€•

Kinesis Advantage

Second model is probably the Kinesis Advantage. Not sure what year. But at least by 1998.

Used at google garage back in 1998. I count 6 of them.

Larry Page 1998 RHNt
Larry Page 1998 RHNt

Kinesis Advantage2, Year 2016

Kinesis Advantage2, Year 2023


2022-05-11 great article written by kinesis, covering some of their history.

Kinesis Advantage Keyboard