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The Maltron keyboard, made by a company in UK.

This is the first ergonomic keyboard with bowl shaped concave typing surface. The company was founded in 1977.

“The company was founded by Stephen Hobday as a result of a meeting between himself and Lillian Malt” [ ]

Maltron keyboard-17420
Maltron keyboard, with Maltron layout. 3104×1948

Here's the Maltron in action.

Maltron Ergonomic stenography touch typing audio transcription. (saxeharp )
Maltron flat keyboard-38955
Maltron 2d flat keyboard. 3016×2088

If you type a lot, do not buy the flat version. Because you'll get wrist pronation problem. [see Is Keyboard Tenting Important]

The Maltron comes with QWERTY or Dvorak keyboard layouts, but also available is its own Maltron keyboard layout.

Maltron keyboard layout US 2624f
Maltron keyboard layout US

Note that the Maltron layout may in fact be more efficient than Dvorak, simply because it placed E on the thumb. See:

Following is a Maltron review, by a professional typer (the stenography typer in the video above). This means, if you are a programer, even if you work 60 hours weeks, the actual typing done by this guy is probably few times more than you. (i myself was once a data-entry clerk) His article is a very good one.

[Most Ergonomic and efficient keyboard By Joe. At , accessed on 2011-12-28 ]

See also: How Many Words Do You Type a Day?

Maltron vs Kinesis Size Comparison

Maltron and kinesis are about the exact same size.

Maltron vs Kinesis keyboard size comparison DSCF1837-s289x217
Ergonomic Keyboards Size Comparison

Maltron vs Kinesis

The Maltron is similar to Kinesis Contoured Keyboard .

Maltron is about $200 more than Kinesis, because each Maltron is individually ordered and crafted, not mass produced. Maltron is also ugly.

If price doesn't matter, i think Maltron is functionally better than Kinesis. because:

Here's a review, more about the physical characteristics of the keyboard. [Review of Kinesis vs Maltron By Hoggy. At , accessed on 2014-08-29 ]

Another review, by a programer. [Change is Good (Maltron vs Kinesis review) By Brian Fitzpatrick. At , accessed on 2011-11-23 ]

Who use Maltron?

Many emacs users use Maltron. I know the following:

Maltron Inside

This review is for keyboard connoisseurs.

Maltron keyboard video tour
Oct 12, 2016

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Maltron keyboard u95700-s250
Maltron Keyboard Gallery

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