Maltron Keyboard

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Maltron Keyboard

The Maltron keyboard, made by a company in UK.

This is the first ergonomic keyboard with bowl shaped concave typing surface. The company was founded in 1977.

The company was founded by Stephen Hobday as a result of a meeting between himself and Lillian Malt

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Maltron keyboard-s1200
Maltron keyboard, with Maltron layout.

Total number of keys: 126.

The Maltron comes with QWERTY or Dvorak keyboard layouts, but also available is its own Maltron keyboard layout.

Typing on Maltron

Maltron Ergonomic stenography touch typing audio transcription. (saxeharp )

Following is a Maltron review, by a professional typer (the stenography typer in the video above). This means, if you are a programer, even if you work 60 hours weeks, the actual typing done by this guy is probably few times more than you. (i myself was once a data-entry clerk) His article is a very good one.

[Most Ergonomic and efficient keyboard By Joe. At , accessed on 2011-12-28 ]

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Maltron vs Kinesis

The Maltron is similar to Kinesis Advantage2 Keyboard

Maltron is about $200 more than Kinesis, because each Maltron is individually ordered and crafted, not mass produced. Maltron is also ugly.

If price doesn't matter, i think Maltron is functionally better than Kinesis. because:

Here is a review, more about the physical characteristics of the keyboard. [Review of Kinesis vs Maltron By Hoggy. At , accessed on 2014-08-29 ]

Another review, by a programer. [Change is Good (Maltron vs Kinesis review) By Brian Fitzpatrick. At , accessed on 2011-11-23 ]

Who use Maltron?

Many emacs users use Maltron. I know the following:

Inside the Maltron Keyboard

This review is for keyboard connoisseurs.

Maltron keyboard video tour
Oct 12, 2016


maltron keyboard Xw4
maltron keyboard Xw4 [image source, by NotThatGuyAgain, 2016-09-24]
Maltron keyboard 03223
[image source, by NotThatGuyAgain, 2016-09-24]
maltron USB dual l90 Ftwcy-s1200
maltron USB dual l90 uk mac dvorak 1
maltron keyboard old
old Maltron keyboard. Dated maybe early 2000s. Photo by [Nick Alcock 2013-01-21]


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