Tesoro G6TL Keyboard with Trackball

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The Tesoro G6TL came out in 2016. Seems it's marketed as iOne in Japan.

This is a mechanical keyboard, with back-lighting, and trackball, and scroll wheel.

tesoro keyboard trackball 1-s
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Tesoro G6TL Keyboard.

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tesoro keyboard trackball
Tesoro G6TL Keyboard.
tesoro keyboard trackball 4
4-level back light.

The Good

Mechanical keys is nice. [see Keyboard Key Switch Mechanisms]

Size is good. The whole thing is no bigger than a traditional keyboard, and you still have arrow keys and number pad.

The Bad

Several amazon reviewers complaint that Scrolling the trackball up/down moves the cursor very slowly, compared to left/right. This is a major problem.

Tesoro G6TL comment 2021-03-23 471
Tesoro G6TL comment 2021-03-23 471
Tesoro G6TL comment 2021-03-23 535
Tesoro G6TL comment 2021-03-23 535

The trackball has a scroll wheel, but is too small, and not as easy to use.

The function keys row F1 to F12 does not have gaps between them. It's harder to hit the right key by touch.

The thing is also very expensive. For the same price, you can get a nice mechanical keyboard, then get a nice trackball.

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