Trackball Ball Sizes and Replacement

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Find Your Trackball Ball Diameter

First, find your trackball ball size at Trackball Reviews. For old trackball, check Trackball History

Where to Buy Replacement Balls?

trackballs cFsR5-s250 trackballs 2020-10-29 YSmSr
34 mm ball
Logitech Trackman Marble replacement ball-s
40 mm balls for trackball

Perixx 55 mm Ball Buy at amazon

K9 Crystal Balls

longwin 40mm crystal ball 04197
Buy longwin 40 mm crystal ball

“K9 crystal” is a type of high-tech glass. Light weight, and good optical property (example: no bubbles inside).

Note: it may not track well. I have not tried.

longwin 50mm crystal ball 89352
50 mm ball Buy longwin 50 mm crystal ball
EIV2 litBlue ball wV2YM electric ice rgb trackball
3 inch or 2.25 inch. Translucent ball, designed for LED modification. (So lights makes the ball glow evenly. Crystal ball have focus effect.)

Billiard Balls

8ball SPXbC
2 1/4 inch (57.15 mm)
Aramith Premier Replacement Pool Ball Buy at amazon
cue ball 6KGS4
2 1/4 inch. (57.15 mm)
Aramith Super Pro-Cup Pool Cue Ball 2 1/4″, 6 Red Dots Buy at amazon

Crystal/Quartz Balls

Few things to be aware:

rose quartz 1.25 inch sphere ball-s
Size ~35 mm to 40 mm. Buy at amazon
purple crystal ball 40mm 24581
40 mm glass ball Buy at amazon
Kensington Orbit Trackball scroll ring quartz ball-s
Lighting effect with a quartz ball, more beatiful than can be captured by a photo. [image source reddit ]
Kensington Orbit Trackball scroll ring ball 64446-s
ball of Kensington Orbit Trackball with Scroll Ring
quartz ball 68851-s
quartz ball.

Inche to Millimeter Conversion Table

3 Inch Translucent Ball

RetroArcade translucent ball qwtwq-s590x512 ra-tb-ball-3-clear Replacement trackball Ball 3 inch Clear Translucent Buy at amazon

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