A4TECH WUT-5 ScrollTrack Internet 4D Trackball

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This trackball, is really great design, but worst quality.

a4tech wut-5 scrolltrack 4d trackball 55910
A4TECH WUT-5 ScrollTrack 4D trackball. Chinese version.

A4 Tech is the company. But in China, this brand is known as 雙飛燕. Meaning, “pair of flying swallows”.

In China, this brand has a reputation being the chepeast and lowest-quality.

A4Tech scroll track 4d trackball 04035
A4TECH WUT-5 ScrollTrack 4D trackball, English and Chinese version. 〔image source http://gelgoog.exblog.jp/18992373/

This model has 2 scroll wheels.

This model has been around since at least 1998.

a4tech wut-5 scrolltrack 4d trackball box 33349
Box in English.

Silly marketing phrases on the box:

a4tech wwt-5 Trackball box chinese
Box in Chinese.

Not Optical Mechanism

This trackball is pretty bad. It is not optical (nor laser). You can tell it's not optical because you don't see a camera (LED) window in the ball socket. If you open the thing, you see that the ball rolls two bars, and the bars have slotted wheels attached. It works like 1990's mechanical mouse with a ball under. [see How Mouse Works]

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